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The Artisan & Company 
 Founded in 2011, is a sustainable and eco-friendly woman-owned brand born with a passion for creating and curating quality designs while maintaining fair wages for our artisan partners and accessible prices to our customers. "Our designs are thoughtfully and ethically crafted by artisans we value by providing fair wages, upholding our duty to the environment by using sustainable materials, and for you, for whom we aim to provide the highest quality materials and products at more reasonable prices." 
Based in Indonesia, the islands of natural-born makers, our certified artisan partners handcraft all designs and source local materials to reduce our environmental footprint. We stand by fair trade standards and ensure our artisan partners receive fair wages for their skills. "We work directly alongside artisans we value and with whom we have formed long-lasting, sustainable partnerships and friendships."
Our production process provides our clients with a personalized customer service experience. We collaborate directly with certified artisan groups, offering our clients high-end goods without high-end prices.
We aim to be environmentally sound by making a stand against having excess inventory through our small batch production process. Our production process allows us to uphold the integrity of the materials sustained for each production. We believe in zero waste and aim to use all our source materials.
The Artisan and Company product categories range from Tote Bags, Crossbody and belt Bags, Backpacks, Clutches and pouches, Travel Bags, Beach Bags, and other accessories and home goods.